« High Tea »

I had a lovely afternoon with my aunt yesterday.  She took me out for a High Tea as a birthday present. Amazing present it was! 🙂

We had a really good time and it was a perfect day for this. Dry, sunny, very little wind. We were sitting right under a roof made of leafs. Very beauiful.

First we ordered the tea we wanted and we didn’t have to wait long for our delicious food to arrive. Looked and smelled really yummie! Tasted even better.

We were there for quite a long time, about 3 hours I believe. We loved almost all the food, but I hate goat cheese. It just has a really horrible taste. So I skipped that one. We didn’t manage to eat the scones at the end, we were just so full already. So we put some cloted cream and jam in them and took them with me for my mom, who absolutely loved it.

It was an amazing dat and I feel so blessed to have this wonderful family. ♥



Eating Disorder.

I was just thinking about how many of us struggle with an eating disorder. It’s such a hard fight to get better. For a lot of us the struggle, the fight with our ED takes years. Relapses that make you want to give up. Feeling helpless, unable to escape the voice in your that’s telling you to lose weight, that you’re a fat idiot, that you can’t eat. Ofcourse there’s also a voice that’s telling people that they’ll feel better if they eat something when they’re upset. It starts with 1 or 2 things. Then it spirals out of control & you can’t stop eating anymore. Some will purge afterwards, some will exercise afterwards.

What I really hate though, is that people with a healthy weight rarely get the help they need. A lot of them get told they look fine, so it possibly can’t be that bad. When I was underweight, everyone was concerned, trying to help. When my weight was in the healthy range, no one said anything. Now I’m obese, but now I just get disgusted looks.

I know it’s just a short text & I damn well know that’s just a tiny part of what us people go through, but I felt like writing it down. I’m relapsing & scared.